Things To Do With My Kids

As a mother of two little boys, I am CONSTANTLY looking for things to do with them on the weekends — you know, besides getting jumped on under the guise of “playing super heroes”. With this hot weather, we’ve been spending lots of time in the pool, but they need something to entertain themselves while I get the water leaf-free before letting them get in. A few days ago, a tub of cloud dough seemed like the obvious choice for this task.

Here’s the original pin from


We don’t have a huge tub like this at home, so I halved the recipe found on the site, using 4 cups of flour and half a cup of baby oil. It mixed together rather quickly, but we did keep finding little clumps of oil in the corners. Here’s my kiddos enjoying the dough while waiting for slow-poke mom to clear the pool (well, first snap a few pictures, then clear the pool):


What I like:

  • This mixes together quickly, so squirmy boys don’t get whiny
  • The kids loved it! They almost didn’t want to get in the pool
  • It really does mold like the picture in the pin
  • The dough stores easily in zip-lock bags for future use

What I don’t like:

  • My tub’s just not big enough for both the kids to play. But that’s my own fault.
  • The baby oil does kinda clump, so you have to be thorough when mixing

The Verdict:

This is absolutely wonderful. Everyone should make some of this — even if you don’t have kids! I admit, it is very calming to run this through your fingers, especially after running around after two little boys all day!

Happy pinning!