Knitting and Other Crafts

So I knit. A lot. I started knitting on a loom about a year ago, and now it seems like I’ve always got something going on at least one loom all the time. Because yarn can be expensive, when I’m just knitting something for the fun of it, I’ll use a cheaper yarn. Cheap yarn can be scratchy, so when I ran across this pin from A Girl and Her Needle, I was excited to try it.


The pin is pretty straightforward, and the directions are incredibly easy to follow. So before I set out to knit myself a hat (never too early to start on winter projects!), I decided to give this method a go.

What I Like:

  • The method is incredibly simple
  • My yarn did turn out a bit softer — definitely feels better in my hands as I’m knitting
  • The bag kept the yarn contained in the washer/dryer

What I Don’t Like:

  • The yarn didn’t turn out very much softer, even after washing it twice
  • The inside of the skein was still wet after a round in the dryer; it took three full rounds to get the entire skein dry
  • My yarn unraveled in the bag a bit, so I had some untangling to do after pulling it out

The Verdict:

This seemed like a whole lotta work for such a small reward. Although the yarn did feel a bit softer and was not as rough on my hands while knitting, I could not tell a big enough difference to warrant the multiple rounds through the dryer. I’ll stick with washing my items after they’re done.

Happy pinning!


As a self-confessed Pinterest addict, I try to replicate tons of the pins I find on the site. Some of them turn out well, and some of them … well, don’t. This blog will document my attempts at everything, from recreating recipes and crafts, to trying out exercise routines, to cleaning “green”.

My first pin attempted was a wish bracelet from the awesome site Now, I’ve made bead and wire jewelry, and I’ve made hemp jewelry, so these cute little bracelets were too good to pass up. The idea is that you make a wish before you tie it on, and then as each bead eventually falls off, part of the wish is being released. When all the beads are gone, you get your wish. Here’s the original pin:


Here’s how mine turned out:


It would help if I would have taken the picture before I tied it on. So yeah, it’s a rather blurry picture of a wonky bracelet, taken over my laptop keyboard.

What I like:

  • I get a rather cute little bracelet to wear
  • These come together in no time flat
  • Using up leftover hemp and small beads is always a good thing

What I don’t like:

  • I had a hard time keeping my beads in a straight line like the picture
  • One side of the bracelet is a LOT longer than the other, but that’s my fault for being too lazy to get a ruler!

The Verdict:

These bracelets are just adorable. With a little practice, I’m sure I could make mine better. The pin includes easy-to-follow directions to recreating this wonderful craft so that anyone can do it. This would be a great summer craft to make and share with friends.

If you manage to recreate this bracelet better than I did (and I don’t doubt that you can!) feel free to send pictures to, and I’ll include some of them in another post.

Happy pinning!