I have a little garden in our backyard, so I frequently pin gardening tips and whatnot. Of course, I’ll probably never get around to using most of them, but when I went to cook dinner last night, my garlic looked like this:

I knew it was time to look through my “Gardening” board for some tips on sprouting garlic. Sure enough, I had something! So here’s the original pin, from

The instructions are easy as can be. Take your sprouted garlic clove (or even an unsprouted one), plant it sprout/pointy-side-up, and watch it grow. The instructions on the site say to “water it occasionally but don’t drown it,” if it’s in a pot, and that seems to be pretty sound advice. Mine is outside, but it’s crazy hot and dry, so I’ve been watering it as well. When the leaves are dead, dig up your garlic bulbs, hang them about a week to dry, and then enjoy!

Here’s me getting ready to plant one of my two cloves. If the extreme heat doesn’t kill it, I’ll post more pictures when it’s ready to harvest.

Happy planting, and happy pinning!