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So I’ve been trying to be more eco-friendly lately, and my bank account has recently been begging me to also look for a smaller-budget way of doing things. With my oldest son’s severe allergy to dust cats pollen everything, we have to be picky about the way we do laundry, anyway. Buying dye- and fragrance-free everything can get pretty pricey.

I’ve had several laundry and house-cleaning pins on Pinterest for quite some time, but I’ve only recently begun trying them. I’ve since completely overhauled the way I do laundry.

Here’s the original pin, from

Laundry Pin

The instructions call for a mix of half a cup washing soda, half a cup borax, and half a cup of soap (grated). The website also mentions that you can additionally include half a cup baking soda, half a cup Oxyclean, and/or a few drops of tea tree oil. Simply combine with a whisk, pour into a lovely jar, and use 1-2 Tablespoons per load.

As usual, I cannot follow simple instructions. After reading several other websites with eco-friendly laundry recipes, I decided that baking soda was just as good as washing soda. Therefore, my recipe is simply as follows:

Take a container (re-use a container you can’t recycle in your area), fill it half full with borax and half full with baking soda, leaving room at the top for shaking. Put on the cap, and shake, shake, shake to combine. I sprinkle a bit in the bottom of the washer — I don’t really measure, but I’m sure it’s around two tablespoons, as in the original recipe.

Laundry soap

Crafting a Green World also suggests using vinegar as a rinsing agent. For quite some time, I’ve used vinegar instead of fabric softener in my rinse compartment. I keep a small jar with orange peels and vinegar. Every couple of weeks, I refresh the orange peels and just re-fill the vinegar in the jar when it runs out. A quarter of a cup per load is enough to provide a nice rinse and deodorization.


Have you ever made your own laundry soap? Is your recipe better than mine? I’m always willing to try new things, so let me know!

Happy Pinning!